These days, people find it difficult to keep their word. We live in a society where it is easy to lie; someone is in Abuja, he tells someone over the phone that he is in Lagos and won’t be able to make an appointment. Our society needs a good dose of Godly ethics – the kind of ethics that requires us to keep our word no matter what the costs. Even Christians who used to be the standard and reference point for good character and integrity are gradually compromising.


Before you give your word

Make it a policy not to commit to anything without first thinking through, weighing the pros and the cons.


  1. When In Doubt, Say No

If you are not sure of what the thing you are required to do entails, it is better to say no. Don’t be too shy or sentimental to say no.

  1. Keep A “Year At A Glance” Calendar

This helps you to give the year a direction. It also helps you keep track of your itinerary and commitments.

  1. Prioritize The Day

Tackle your most pressing tasks first before you face the less important.

  1. Don’t Book Too Far Ahead

If you schedule your time too far ahead into the future, you may limit God’s ability to change your direction without some severe “tree shaking” in your life. Decide where to draw the line. Two years is generally advisable.


  1. Use A Written Contract

The probability of a misunderstanding in a written agreement has been calculated at 20 percent, more or less. The probability of a misunderstanding in a verbal agreement is nearly 100 percent. When entering into a contract with someone, document your dealings and the terms of the contract in writing. That way, when issues later arise they would be better resolved and if the matter involves instituting legal action, you would have some reliable evidence to support your case. You can even go a step further, take pictures if necessary.

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  1. Let Excellence be your hallmark

Let your business be known for excellence; not for mediocrity or underhandedness. When you deliver high quality products or services to your clients, they would keep coming back.


Always endeavor to keep your word. If there are mitigating circumstances preventing you from doing so, try to make amends. For instance, you could put a call through to cancel an appointment you won’t be able to meet.

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