While we may have technology to thank for many things, we find that it has also successfully narrowed the divide between work and personal life. Gone are the days when a woman would close from the office at 5pm and the only way to reach her is through her home phone; which may or may not work. And that is even if she is at home and hasn’t taken off to some remote hometown where she most certainly cannot be reached.

These days, women are finding it increasingly challenging juggling work hours with their personal lives and other non-work tasks. When they are not putting in extra hours at the office, they have their smartphones and laptops open virtually all weekend long. This does not bode well for your health as a woman, or for your personal relationships. It is important that you find a way to create that balance in your life.

With these simple tips, learn to create that balance you crave and most definitely need.

  • Switch off all your gadgets: No, not some…all! It is alarming that some of us get to the point where if we don’t have at least one gadget on, we feel disconnected. Well, that disconnect is good. When you are home, take a few hours off; turn off your phones, tablets, PCs, everything…and rest.
  • Take your mind off work: These days, turning off gadgets is simply not enough; you’ve got to take your mind off work. Focus your thoughts and energy on some other thing. Go grocery shopping, play with your kids, go on a date with your other half, watch a movie, read a book, go for spa treatment or just do something fun.
  • Plan your ‘me’ time: When it comes to work, you have your to-do lists and your schedules. But you find that you do not plan your personal time with the same amount of focus and commitment you give to work. This often accounts for why you are so easily dragged back to your work. In the same way you plan your work schedule, plan your personal time. This does not necessarily mean it becomes boring, just that you know what event goes where and it actually makes you look forward to your personal time and it helps you spend that time well.
  • Reassess office hours and work schedule: Sometimes, if we take a closer look at the time we spend at work, we find that some of that time was spent engaging in unproductive activities which often sap our time and energy. Take stock of activities that do nothing for your career or personal life and try to reduce the time you spend on them.
  • Exercise: Now, don’t run away yet! This does not necessarily mean you have to join a gym today. Research shows that even doing certain chores is good for the body. Exercise generally helps boost energy levels and keep you more alert. A walk or jog up and down your street in the mornings, or even an evening stroll does tons, not just for your body, but increases your sense of well being.
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To your success!


Photo credit: Rana Faure/Corbis

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