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Tips on How to Maintain Healthy Hair


Have you been desiring that your hair grows and is luscious? Many women complain that their hair is damaged, breaks, recedes or is discoloured. Contrary to popular notions that African hair is coarse, African hair is very fragile and requires great care and attention.

Here are a few tips to help you prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. 

Use of chemical relaxers –  Relaxers are meant to touch only the new growth. What most people experience is that hair dressers retouch their hair from the roots to the end. Relaxers are not to overlap into previously relaxed hair. This is the major reason why hair becomes weak, breaks out or becomes discoloured.

Greasing and Oiling the scalp – The scalp should not be greased. This is because oil, grease, and pomades can clog the pores of the scalp. When pores are clogged, the hair follicles become suffocated and this could lead to major hair loss. Oil should therefore be applied to hairstrands or tresses and not to the scalp.

Heat – Heat is another factor that causes damage to hair. Heat from hooded dryers and blow dryers, curling irons, pressing combs etc, are very damaging to our hair. If at all, it is better to use these tools on the lowest heat possible. In addition, use a heat protectant to minimize damage to your hairs.

Braiding hair too tightly –Braiding hair too tightly can cause damage to the hair. A common damage is traction alopecia which is gradual hair loss, primarily caused by a pulling force being applied to the hair. Avoid braiding your hair too tightly.

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Use of hair extensions – Hair extensions and weave-ons that require glue or bonding are very damaging to natural hair. Instead use sewn-in weavons or extensions. The hair is woven in rows and remains protected while the weavon is sewn on it.

Vigorous rubbing of hair –When drying the hair after washing or when it is wet, pat gently with a towel instead of rubbing vigorously. The hair should be treated with care as it is fragile.

Combing methods –Start with a wide-toothed comb to disentangle the hair before using a smaller comb to smoothen the combing. Don’t comb forcefully, otherwise you will end up pulling off many strands; this could result in hair loss. 

Night scarves –Wrap your hair with a satin scarf before going to bed at night. This helps to keep the hair in form by the time you wake up in the morning.

Drink Your Water and lots of it – Drinking plenty water promotes healthy activity in your body including hair growth and gloss.  Staying hydrated helps your hair to grow faster.

Scalp Massages –Massage the scalp regularly in order to enhance blood circulation and stimulate production of natural oils by scalp.

Diet & Nutrition –Take plenty fruits and vitamins, this helps the hair grow faster and makes it healthy.

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