I must understand you

I must be interested in you

I must value you

I must be affectionate, caring and kind to you

I must consider and value your opinions and feelings

I must be very protective towards you

I must be gentle and tender with you

I must have a sense of humour

I must be very considerate

I must be very sincere

I must be very open with you

I must trust you

I must comfort you

I must submit to you positively

I must be able to take corrections from you

I must be able to treat you in a special way

You must know how to compliment the one you love

Be generous with the one whom you love

Be quick to forgive

Be sensitive to the things that offends the person

Be humble with the person that you love

Be willing to listen to what he or she has to say

Appreciate the one you love


The article is a message by Pastor Bimbo Odukoya titled “Love Talks”


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