At 16, love was a passion for me; it was “I can never do without you”. For me, Love was forever after, beautiful and sensational. It was trust and compromise.

When I was 19, love was selfishness. It was lies covered up in plain sight. Love was using each other until you are tired or you find someone better. Love was unreal and impossible.  It was a believable lie.

When I was 22, love was carelessness. It was being with someone until you are bored. It was pursuing excitement for a while and letting go once it’s no longer available. Love was safety— a safe place while the fun lasts

Now that I’m 23, love is different. Love is hope. Love is compromise, understanding and passion. Love is real; the possibility of a beautiful future. Love is sweet. Love is kind. Love is till death do us part…..well, at least that is my wish.

My name is Nifemi. Tell me, what is love to you at your different ages?


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