Maybe I should do a time-travel (to the past) and stay there…or just go home and stay with God, most things I see and hear about makes me pinch myself sometimes to see if I was some terrestrial being, and at other times to see if I was dreaming. No! I am no terrestrial being, No! I am always in my waking moments when I see and hear these things.

“Oh please, Eva move with time…I mean there is nothing wrong with you going right up to that dude over there and pay him some compliments, my friend Foluke said to me this very beautiful Saturday evening. As I remember being taught from childhood by family, community, and everyone in diverse ways, it is THE MAN that seeks HER out in the crowd and not the other way. I understand the woman must position herself to be seen or noticed. BUT it remains the man who seeks…or so I safely thought, until Foluke and her likes carry their own come. Just wondering why my friend will want me to go and present myself to a guy like a random gift, so I can be treated like one? I am finding it so difficult to think about it talk less of doing it.

After the whole thought, I decided to get a fresh air down the street with my ear phones plugged to my ears, I blasted my best song, true love by 2face.(wink). You will not believe what I saw after a little stroll down the street, a guy making out with a girl, at the back sit of a camry car, chaii! What an era. I asked myself, why they can’t get comfortable in a cool room and do whatever they are up to with a little regard, and privacy. Hmmmmmm, that was how I walked pass them oo, got home and told Foluke about it and all my friend could do is to burst out into a long lasting laugh that caused my heart to leap for revenge. She replied me casually saying, ‘they were just having fun’. I couldn’t place that, oh! I want to go back to the past was my thought.

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