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Leadership Begins with YOU!-Juliet Ehimuan Chiazor

“Just as Charity begins at home, leadership begins with self. You cannot lead others without first mastering the ability to lead yourself.” These are the words of Juliet Ehimuan. Today, we will be explicating the concept of self-leadership from the perspective of Juliet.

Juliet Ehimuan is a Nigerian technology expert and entrepreneur who currently serves as Google’s Country Manager in Nigeria. In August 2011, she was listed in Forbes’ “20 Youngest Power Women in Africa.”

She holds an Executive MBA from the London Business School, a Post Graduate degree in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge, UK; and obtained a Bachelor’s degree with 1st class honours in Computer Engineering from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

According to her, self-leadership is about bringing consciousness into the creative process to achieve the desired result. Rather than being blown by the wind or by being on the receiving end of life, you are more intentional about living a purpose-filled life.

As seen in the video below, Juliet said that self-leadership will improve your ability to live with purpose, conviction and direction.

Video Source: #BeyondLimitsWithJuliet

Leadership is about making what seems impossible, possible. Therefore, if you want to be a leader, you need to change your perception of what reality is. Consciously or unconsciously, we are creating our reality. It should drive us towards becoming a better version of ourselves.

Furthermore, Juliet stated that self-awareness is important in leadership because it helps you to get out of your way. It also helps you to understand the impact you are having on the environment and the surrounding people.

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For you to be an effective leader, you must stand for something, be an example to others, be a mentor and discover yourself.

Self-leadership is the ability to appreciate who we are: our strengths, weaknesses, goals, motivations and desires. When all of these are properly harnessed, self-leadership helps to move you in the direction of your vision.

Always remember: You can become the pilot of the plan called life.

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