Fashion entrepreneur Laura Ikeji kanu has only praises for her sister, the media juggernaut  Linda Ikeji stating that Linda Ikeji paved the way for her to achieve the level of success she enjoys today.

Laura Ikeji made this revelation during the media presentation of her new book titled “How to Make Money on Instagram”.

The event was held last Wednesday in Ikeja, Lagos.

Speaking on her new book, she revealed how her book was condemned by various media influencers and authors.

She said; “I’m not the kind of person that gives you money and not show too make it. I learn every day, I listen to people a lot. In fact, if you are a billionaire, I will listen to you and ask you how you were able to make it. A lot of people were angry that I did that, I wrote the book because there are a lot of things they are not telling you.

According to her this book was just to teach them the other side of Instagram.

The event also included the unveiling of her new fragrance “Incomplete”.

’ Laura stated that although Linda paved the way for her, she on her part brought a certain degree of resilience to the game.

According to her; “I’ve always said this. If it wasn’t my sister, I’ll still be doing what I’m doing. She did pave the way for me. I keep telling people that Linda started this for me and I used the opportunity to build what I have. Linda took my Instagram page from zero to 200,000 followers.”

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Laura revealed that the fragrance line was inspired by her love for fashion which is incomplete without great fragrance.

Credit: thenation.

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