Okay ladies, let’s talk!

I know it is lovely and wonderful when a man treats us like a queen—takes us on a fancy date, buys us gifts, takes us shopping and what have you. That kind of man is every woman’s dream dude, isn’t he? Question is, do you stop to ask where he gets his money from? Do you ever wonder what his true financial status is that gives him the wherewithal to afford all the things he gives to you?

I understand that asking someone how much the person earns is generally considered a taboo in some circles, but I think when you are involved with someone in a romantic or serious relationship, you need to know these things.

The reasons some ladies fall into the hands of men with evil intentions may be because they never cared to ask some of these fundamental questions. You may not even need to ask directly; simply knowing where he works can give you a fair idea of a man’s net-worth. Listening to him talk of the cost of a new tire or a comprehensive insurance policy, or even his house rent will tell you if he has exhausted his spending limit.

Sometimes, some men may earn their living honestly, but they might be sinking in debts just to please you. Don’t be surprised then, if one day a loan shark comes banging on the door of your beau, or if he suddenly ends the relationship and opts for a less demanding lady.

So ladies, beyond the romance, show some care in knowing your man’s financial status so that you do not overburden him with your needs. I mean what better way is there to show that you love and care for your man?

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