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There’s no denying that there are certain “talks” and topics to discuss with your daughter when you think she’s ready. The mother-daughter talk we have pays off! So the question is, which topics should you discuss with her? You know, what should she be hearing firsthand from you, in the form that you want her to learn it and along with your expert advice? The topics are not limited to any specific age. Feel free to use your discretion!

1. Puberty

This is probably the most obvious topic that comes to mind when you think of heart-to-heart mother-daughter chats. Your daughter needs to know what’s going on with her body, what to expect and how to cope with it, and she shouldn’t be learning about it from Seventeen magazine or the girls in home room. Sit down and have a real chat with her. Don’t feel embarrassed or awkward! It’s YOUR daughter!

2. Purity

I guess another name for this point could be “sex” or rather, “abstinence.” I think it’s very important that we teach our daughters the pride of purity before they give it away. We were raised to believe that a girl should remain a virgin until she was married. Our daughters should be encouraged to save themselves for the right man and not be so eager to give their virginity away! After all, how many of us can stand and say that we wish we could go back and erase a few jerks off our “list”?

3. Beauty

A topic to discuss with your daughter that gets overlooked so many times is beauty. I believe a reason that this topic is overlooked is because there are so many fashion and beauty magazines, TV shows and YouTube videos dedicated to teaching our daughters what “beauty” is. But there are still many things a girl can learn from her mother regarding beauty. And more importantly, inner beauty. Even if your daughter knows every shade of lipstick in the world, you are encouraged to have a talk with her about true beauty.

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4. Fashion

Just like beauty, fashion is another topic to discuss with your daughter. It’s a topic that most girls shrug off, because, “Who wants fashion advice from their MOM?” who could be called OLD FASHIONED. Well, If we don’t teach our daughters to cover up and be modest, no one else in this world ever will. In fact, the media will teach her to take it all off and let everything hang out. You are the sole person who can teach her how to be fashionable, yet modest. So use your mom power on this one!

5. Alcohol Abuse

Girls these days are feeling more and more pressure than ever before to light up or chug down. And it’s not just because of peer pressure! Many girls are using alcohol as an escape from real world challenges they face, between boyfriends, school, friends, possible rifts with parents or siblings and many other reasons. Don’t let your daughter be the victim of substance abuse! Teach her to find other means to release stress and to avoid alcohol and tobacco products. That’s the very best way to never need to kick the habit. Just don’t ever start!

6. Marriage

This is probably a topic to discuss with your daughter a little bit later in life, but it’s still an important topic to bring up! You should tell your daughter what a true marriage is about, and encourage her to find someone she knows is right for her! Give her the wisdom she needs to understand when she is truly ready for marriage and when it’s too early, but above all, train her to have the desire to be married.

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7. Friends

One of the touchier yet still important topics to discuss with your daughter is the friends she has.  Make sure to be there for your daughter on those days when she will need the comfort of your arm, but also teach her to make wise choices concerning friends. There will always be the “mean girl” of the bunch, but that doesn’t mean your daughter needs to be friends with her. Show her that choosing genuine friends will pay off in the long run.

8. Keeping House

While many mothers and wives (and single young women as well) these days are choosing careers over being a stay-at-home mom/wife, there is still a basic need to learn keeping house skills. Regardless of whether there is no one else to clean up after except herself, there will always be someone making a mess. Don’t take care of everything yourself as the mother. Teach your daughter to sweep, mop, dust, vacuum, wash dishes and clean bathrooms so that she can take care of her own house someday.

9. Religious Beliefs

There is a wide variety of religious beliefs and practices in the world. Whatever yours are, you are encouraged to discuss the topic of God with your daughter. Everyone wants to believe in something. It will have huge benefits and advantages on your daughter’s life if she knows exactly what she believes and why she believes it.

10. Money talks

As parents, we have learned through life experience that money is not something that grows on trees. The sooner we can teach our girls about budgets and saving, the sooner she will value her possessions and share a sense of adult responsibility.

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Do you remember those discussion you had with your mother? Never shy away from discussing them with your daughter before it is too late.

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