Your life, your control! Why do I say this? I heard a story recently that made me very angry; allow me to share it with you ladies today.

So, a friend of mine told me about how a girl who left her home in Lagos to meet her boyfriend in Abuja, got there and discovered that the guy had been cheating on her with another girl. She attempted to express her disappointment about his infidelity, but while she tried to do so, the man beat her up, took her phone and kicked her out of his house. After the incidence, the man apologized, told her that the way she reacted to his infidelity made him get angry (and beat her up), and promised to be gentle with her next time.

The lady, with astonishing gullibility, took him back like nothing ever happened.


This is where my kind of truth comes in, ladies; you need to be aware that you are the one in control of your life. Yes, a man can lead you, by all means, but who you allow to lead you is all in your control; the man you choose to be with is in your control, and how you allow yourself to be treated in a relationship is also in your control!

Thus, never be with someone who hits you, cheats on you, doesn’t respect  or care for you. Never be with someone who blames you for their own mistakes, treats you badly, or who you know is not good enough for you because ultimately, whatever happens to you the consequences will be borne by you alone. Therefore, you need to always make decisions that are good for your own life.

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Again, you need to always remember that you are in control of the man you allow into your life; so if there is any man who maltreats you, or you feel is leading you on the wrong path, then, by all means, change that man!

If it is your life, your relationship, and your happiness, my dear, then the power is in your hands not in the hands of the man or any other person.

So, the mantra for the day is: your life, your control!



Nifemi Adekunle

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