Plans are currently in top gear for the debut of Miss Earth Nigeria Environment Award. Actors Guild of Nigeria’s only past female president and actress, Ibinabo Fiberesima and producer of the forthcoming award ceremony had announced this on Tuesday at a media briefing to commemorate the World Environment Day.

According to Fiberesima, the new award, holding in October, is meant to recognise organisations and governments taking the matters of a clean and healthy environment seriously and also to encourage those who are not.

“Miss Earth Nigeria Environment Award is to encourage a sustainable pro-active environment in Nigeria. It is to celebrate those who are already environmental friendly and have gone Green, as well as to also inspire others to go Green, because the world is green,” Ibinabo stated.

She added that “the award seeks to acknowledge states, corporations and individuals in Nigeria that have achieved significant environmental footprints and have support for waste management, parks, Green zones, renewable sources of energy, tourism, ecological management and wild life preservation.”
Ibinabo emphasised that it is time Nigerians began to pay more attention to the environment like the rest of the world is currently doing.

She said further that: “As we commemorate the World Environmental Day 2018 with the theme “Beat Plastic Solution”, we The Miss Earth Nigeria Organization, advocates the total eradication of plastic bottles, instead people should begin to have their own reusable water bottle.

“We want to tell Nigerians to stop carrying bags but have your own shopping bags that you can always reuse when going to the market or shopping. We encourage every home, office to separate waste and to encourage recycling initiatives, bottles, papers, plastics etc
Miss Earth Nigeria is a prestigious environment-themed beauty pageant which started in 2002.
The Miss Earth Nigeria Environment Award is put together by Serendipity Media Ltd which also runs Miss Earth Foundation with focus on environmental conservation and sustainable ecosystem management.

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Credit: New Telegraph.

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