Everybody loves a sweet fragrance, but nobody likes the idea of being nearly choked by the scent of a woman’s perfume. In truth, there are much better ways to be remembered than by being the woman whose perfume wore her. The most important thing you should know when spritzing on that heady scent is that it is supposed to be an extension of you and not the other way round.

Sadly, when your fragrance enters a room 5 minutes before you, it distracts people from you and channels the focus to your perfume. Wherever you go, you want to be taken seriously, you want to make and leave a great impression.

You have to agree with me that there is something alluring about catching a whiff of a woman’s fragrance – it leaves you wondering. An experience that is totally different from meeting someone whose fragrance hits you like a personal assault. You want your fragrance to last longer, true; however, there are ways you can achieve that without using up a half bottle per application.

When used the right way, your fragrance becomes you. Here are some helpful tips on how to wear your fragrance and how to make it last longer.

Get Yourself Wet

Your skin absorbs your fragrance more after it is wet. So, applying your perfume after a bath is a guaranteed way to ensure it lasts longer.

Take Advantage of Your Pulse Points

Pulse points are places on the body where a pulse can be easily detected. Pulse points emanate heat which in turn help fragrance emanate from your skin. Your pulse points are the inside of your wrists, the base of your throat, behind your ears, your inner elbows and behind your knees. Two spritzes per pulse point, even if your fragrance is really light, will do the trick.

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The Hair Factor

Believe it or not, spraying a spritz or two on your hair is a perfect way to keep your scent with you all day. And imagine the sensation you will cause each time you turn and a whiff of that delectable scent hits the air. Ooooh la la!

Mix it Up

While it is okay to have favourites, I have too, when you use one particular fragrance for a lengthy period of time, your body gets accustomed to that fragrance and it doesn’t give off as strong a scent over a period of time. Try having two bottles at each point in time and alternating from time to time.

Layer Your Scent

Using a fragrance set containing shower gel, body lotion and perfume will certainly keep that scent on you all day and even longer! Your moist skin absorbs the fragrance as you bath or shower, a second layer is applied and locks in the fragrance when you apply the lotion, such that using the perfume is the cherry on your fragrance cake. Try it sometime, layer your scent and enjoy its long-lasting effects.

Life is beautiful and so are you!

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