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How to Treat Dark under Eyes

Dark under eyes otherwise known as dark circles could occur due to different factors.   These factors could vary from age, sleeplessness, stress, thinning of the under-eye skin, constant exposure to sunlight, anaemia, and several other causative factors. A dark under-eye can cause someone to get worried and when such is the case, the dark under eyes or dark circle can even look worse than it is. However, this article provides some insights on how to treat dark under eyes.

Use cold compress or Ice cubes to treat dark eyes

To treat dark eyes, ice cube or a soft piece of clothing should be soaked into cold water and placed beneath the eyes for about 5 minutes. Doing this daily immediately after waking up will tighten vessels of blood and will cause the dark circles to become unnoticeable.

Use tea bags

Using tea bags as a treatment for dark eyes can be very effective as well. The tea bag will reduce the puffiness that accompanies dark circles and further help minimize the dark circle or dark under eye.

Use caffeine antioxidant to clean eye area

Get a mild and optically recommended antioxidant with caffeine properties to clean the areas of the dark eyes. A caffeine antioxidant will kindle the level of circulation of blood around the eyes and help lessen the dark under eyes.

Use allergy drugs

Just in case your under-eye black circle was caused or infuriated by allergies, then you might need to get drugs for allergies before it grows into an under eye shadow. A popular over the counter drug for treating such allergy is an antihistamine.

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Use eye cream

In case you have a place to be in a hurry, then you should try camouflaging with an eye cream; one with caffeine preferably. After applying the eye cream, you should give it a few seconds or minutes to dry. Then patch things up with beige-conceal makeup or foundation that suits your skin. Finally, add some loose powder to the surface.  In case you are thinking of which product to go for, Zaron can provide you with all you need; starting from the beige conceal-makeup to the loose powder.

Whatever way you choose, it is important to find out the root cause before deciding on a particular treatment. That way, you can treat dark eyes completely.

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