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How to Treat and Prevent Blister

how to treat Blister, prevent

Blister is a fluid formed from the epidermis between the upper layers of skin, either on the feet, finger or parts of the body. Blisters are minor irritations because they are not usually too painful. However, if it is not taken care of, it could be a big wound. Also, there are lots of temptations that come with bursting them. You should not yield to such.

The purpose of blister is to prevent the deeper tissues from delicate conditions or to protect the layers below. It is filled with serum, plasma, blood or pus depending on how it is formed. Sometimes, when we have blisters, it might prevent us from working especially if it is on the finger; you might find it difficult. Burns, friction, frostbite and other medical conditions can cause blisters.

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When blisters occur, you can treat it by:

First, cover the blister with bandage. This will prevent other infections. You can bring in the side of the bandage so the middle of the bandage is raised a little.

You can use padding. This will help protect the blisters in pressure areas such as bottom of the feet. So, you can cut the padding in a round shape with a little hole, then place it around the blister. After this, cover the blister and padding with a bandage.

Also, do not pop blisters. It could lead to infection. However, if burns get bigger and you are tempted to pop it, use a sterilized small needle. Then carefully pierce one edge of the blister which will allow some of the fluid to drain.

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After that, keep the area clean and covered. After you have drained the blister, wash the area with soap and water and apply a petroleum jelly. Note: you should not remove the roof of the blister as it will protect the raw skin underneath until it heals.

How to prevent blisters

Protect your feet

You can do this by wearing socks or moisture-wicking socks. Also, wear shoes that fit properly but they must not be too tight or too loose.

Wear the right clothing

When you are working or doing physical activities, wear loose-fitting clothes. You should avoid clothes made of cotton because they soak up sweat and moisture which can lead to friction.

Also, apply powder or petroleum jelly to problem areas. This helps to reduce friction when your skin rubs together.

When you feel pain or discomfort or if your skin turns red, you should stop activities immediately.

If you are a type that gets blister, you are perfectly okay. All you need to do is just be patient. Rest assured that it will heal. Sometime, blisters heal on their own in few days or weeks. However, whatever causes the blister, you should avoid it till it heals.

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