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Love can sometimes be an unstable emotion and being in a relationship can a rollercoaster. Some days can feel like you both are walking on air while other days can be like the air is snuffed out and you are both drowning.

Lovers often reach a point in their relationship when things might seem to have uncontrollably gone south. Perhaps both the partners might be having troubles sorting out their feelings or the relationship may have lost its spark.

One of the partners could also have lost interest and looking for a way out or the challenge may be in form of some external threat.

Whichever may be the case, one must agree that the burden of an unstable relationship can be too much to bear as it will take its toll on your physical, emotional, psychological and even social health. Sitting on your emotions and letting the relationship run out of juice won’t do either of you any good as no more likes a situation where it’s like you are walking on egg shells around the other person.

So how do you navigate these troubled waters? Here are five tips on dealing with a rocky relationship:

Evaluate your feelings

In a case where the relationship is muddy and you might be unsure as to how you feel about your partner and how he feels about you, it helps to catch yourself and define your feelings. Be honest in your introspection and clearly identify the emotion(s) you feel towards your partner.

Oftentimes, we conflate so many different (disimilar) emotions with love. Are you infatuated by them? In lust? Physical (sexual) attraction? Are you merely fond of them? Or mutual respect? Sometimes, it’s just a matter of comfortability.

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It might help to give yourself the benefit of doubt, define your feelings about your partner and ask yourself if you are truly (or still) in love with this person.

Doing this would help ascertain your personal convictions regarding the relationship, determine where things have gone wrong and offer you clues on how to proceed.

Thread patiently

While it might be tempting to bug your partner over his seeming indifferent approach to the relationship, doing so might only make him flare up, causing unnecessary conflicts.

Giving the troubled partner some time and space might be ideal while making a conscious effort to rekindle the lost romance in the relationship.

Suggesting that you both go shopping together, do the movies or have a sumptuous meal without being pushy might help him have a feel of the old times.

Talk it out

Nothing beats good ol‘ honest and open communication! Eventually, one of the partners has to muster the courage to broach a heart-to-heart conversation, addressing issues plaguing the relationship.

Irrespective of whichever turn the conversation takes, we must agree that having had it would help you make an informed decision.

Perhaps, you’re not the only one concerned about the turn the relationship has taken and maybe a collective approach would better address the issues.

Take a break if necessary

After much effort, you must eventually take a decisive stance on the relationship, act logically and follow what your instincts tell you.

There have been cases where the romance in the relationship comes back stronger after partners had broken up.

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Yes, taking a break could help the partners determine how important the relationship is to them and help them see how they are hurting not just themselves but the other partner.

Perhaps a break up would help the other partner figure out their own mistakes and come after you or maybe it might be a great opportunity for you to redefine your standards and try someone new.

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