Yes, sometimes you may need to put him on his toes to make him realise that a relationship isn’t supposed to be taken for granted.

Do you know why the initial excitement in any relationship wanes out with time? Well, that’s because people take each other for granted. How to avoid a situation where your partner takes you for granted? Well, keep him on his toes and keep him stimulated.

Keeping someone on toes doesn’t mean troubling that person. You are just trying to ensure that he plays the agreed role in the relationship without taking things for granted.

Bored? Then Tell Him…

If you are bored of anything in the relationship, there is nothing wrong in telling him the same. This applies to bedroom activities too. If there is something that he can do about it, see whether he does that. A man who takes action is interesting. A man who never even moves a finger to do anything for a woman may not score well in the long run. It is up to you.

Make Him Know That…

Loving someone is simple. But living with someone forever is very difficult. Make him know that he needs to play his role as your needs in a relationship are to be met.

If His Actions Bother You, Tell Him

He needs to know that he can’t get away doing something that disturbs your peace.

Let Him Know That You Have Options

If he thinks that many women go crazy for him, let him know that you too have options around. Tell him about the guys going gaga for you and the millions of friends requests on Facebook waiting for your approval. That will enlighten him that you are not an easy catch. At the end of the day, both of you may need to grow up from a phase where you talk about other options.

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If He Doesn’t Come For A Trip, Go With Your Buddies

You want to go somewhere and he says no. Do you need to cancel your trip? No, go out with your buddies. Going out with someone else when your partner is busy is not wrong. In fact, that should help both of you.


Sometimes, you need to spend some time apart to make him realise that you are not a needy-clingy person. Take frequent breaks from the relationship and value your own time.

If He Ignores You…

If he purposefully tries to ignore you just to feel superior, don’t wait and waste time. Tell him openly that you hate such tactics.

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