Preparing your own Vegetable fried rice should not be a difficult task. This post seeks to help you prepare it yourself to pamper your tongue or any guest. Find below the steps;


3 carrots
3 spring onions
1 Large green pepper
1 Large onion
6 mushrooms
6 French beans
5 tablespoon vegetable cooking oil
Oregano half teaspoon
2 stalks cauliflower
1 egg (optional)
400 kg rice
25g complete seasoning spice
Salt for taste in the Vegetable fried rice


1. Cook the rice and dry it
2. Wash and peel vegetables. Cut green pepper, carrots and french beans into desired shapes or cubes.
3. Slice onion and separate white and green parts of the spring onions and cut into small rounds.
4. Heat oil and add sliced onions and white spring onions, stir for about 3 minutes.
5. Beat the egg and salt and pour into the pan and cook for some few minutes if used until it sets, stirring all the time. Add other vegetables
6. Add rice gradually and stir
7. Mix in the soya sauce and then season to taste
8. Lastly add the green spring onions and sprinkle with cayenne (a little)
9. Serve with sauce or shito and fried chicken or grilled fish.

This vegetable fried rice can also be prepared for vegetarians without meat or chicken.



Credit: farmart.

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