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How to Prepare Afang Soup

How to Prepare Afang Soup

Afang soup also known as Okazi soup is one of the most popular traditional Nigerian soups. It originates from the Efik people of the Efik kingdom in Cross-rivers State and Ibibio people of Akwa Ibom in South-South Nigeria.

Afang soup is very nutritious and the cost of preparation can be adaptable based on the budget or needs. It hits hard with starch, eba, fufu or pounded yam and it is served at home and ceremonies such as wedding, burial, festival and many more.

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Ingredients to prepare Afang Soup

Beef. Fish (dry and stock). Palm oil. Cray fish. Pepper. Shaki (cow tripe). Water leaf. Okazi leaf. Onions. Periwinkle. Salt. Water.

How to make Afang soup

Step 1: Place your assorted meat, stockfish, dry fish and two cups of water in a pot. Then add onion, three stock cubes and salt to taste. You’d cook it until it is soft.

Step 2: When the water is almost dry, add the water leaves. Then, you leave it to cook for some minutes. Probably for 3 to 5 minutes. You do not need to add more water because water leaves produce a lot of water.

Step 3: Put the periwinkles, ground crayfish and blended pepper. Then you leave it to cook for another four minutes.

Step 4: Add your ground Okazi leaves, let it cook for two minutes.

Step 5: Add palm oil and leave it to simmer for about two minutes. Yummy, serve hot with your preferred staple food.

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Simple right? So you should try that out. I’m sure it’s going to be a finger licking experience. Foods are beneficial to the health, so always eat the balanced diet that your body deserve.


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