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Shoes are obviously one of the most important things to consider when dressing up, but sometimes people are afraid of getting it wrong so they just go for a black coloured shoe since black is versatile. There are lovely ways you can wear your different shades of shoes in a way that will spark up your dressing.

Here are some vital tips on how to pick the right shoes:

  1. Generally, it is preferable to wear a colour that matches your clothing. If you are wearing a blue gown you can consider a blue pair of shoes or sandals, rather than just playing safe and wearing black. Wearing a colour that matches is also an interesting way to play safe.
  2. Aside from choosing a colour that matches your dress you can also go for contrasting colour of shoes, they tone your dressing. For instance: if you are wearing a white shirt with a black trouser you can consider wearing a lemon shoe. If you are wearing a yellow dress you can consider wearing a blue shoe. Colours like these help to make your dressing look nice and show that you have a sense of style.
  3. When wearing a multi-coloured dress you can consider wearing black shoes or plain coloured shoes that matches one of the colours on your dress. For instance; if your dress contains colours like blue, green, red, black, yellow, you can simply wear plain green coloured shoes.
  4. Also while choosing shoes; you have to consider the occasion. If you are going for a dinner outing, where you may have to wear a dress, it is advisable to put on heels. However, comfort should take priority over fashion; if you can’t rock heels it is preferable to just wear flats in which case you might want to consider wearing a flowing gown.
  5. Also, choose the right shoes for the right season. For instance during the rainy seasons you might want to consider wearing fashionable shoes made of rubber which usually accommodates water or wear a pair of boots.
  6. When going for a sports activity, like going to the gym for an exercise, you might want to consider wearing shoes like trainers, or other athletic footwear.
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Following some of these tips and choosing the right pair of shoes for your dress will definitely make you look good and remember; choosing the right shoes should precede wearing designers because even when you wear designers and they don’t match your dressing, you won’t look good in them.

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