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How to Perform Waxing at Home

Waxing is a topic that comes with some dread and misconceptions. Many women dread Do-It-Yourself waxing because they don’t know the right way to do it or they believe it must involve some complex routine.

If you are a beginner, you might not know some certain things that would make at-home waxing a less unpleasant procedure. Here are a few tips to guide you:

Right: Apply Some Baby Oil after Waxing 

The final step includes a bit of baby oil applied on the waxed area. The product is safe enough to be used on legs, face and bikini area. The oil will soothe the skin and help it to restore. It will also help you remove the excess wax left after the procedure.

Wrong: Waxing Very Long or Very Short Hair 

Your hair is ready to be waxed if it is between one and three of a quarter inch long. If your hair is short, the wax won’t remove the hair. If the hair is too long, waxing will be painful and too messy. Wait till your hair grows long enough if it is too short at the moment and trim it first using scissors if it is very long. 

Right: Apply Some Baby Powder before Waxing 

One of the most essential parts of the whole procedure is to remember to use some baby powder before you start waxing the area. Sprinkle the product and let it absorb any moisture – if you do it, then the strip will adhere much better.

Right: Define the Right Direction and Only Then Pull

This tip is not less important. There is no other way to wax the area but defining the right direction first. Wax should always be applied in the direction of hair growth – that allows the product to adhere properly. After you are done spreading the wax, put the strip over the wax and press it down. Stroke the area firmly in the direction of hair growth. Leave the cloth strip on for several seconds before pulling it.

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Wrong: The Same Area Waxed More than Twice

Do not go over the same spot more than twice. If you do, you increase the risk of damaging your skin. It will also be painful. It’s better to pull stray hairs using tweezers.

Right: Exfoliators and Moisturizers Prevent Ingrown Hairs

Before you start the procedure, exfoliate your skin. Use a pouf, washcloth or body scrub to remove the dead skin cells. After waxing remember to apply some moisturizer to keep your skin smooth and less irritated.

Right: Hair Growth Inhibitor Can Strengthen the Effect

Waxing is not the most pleasant procedure. Luckily, you can perform this painful ritual less often. Remember to use hair growth inhibitors – specially designed products that slow down hair growth. Their formula softens thick hair and your next waxing will be less painful.

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