Inferiority complex is a set of negative beliefs that you hold about yourself. This is a situation whereby you always assign less value to yourself. It is the composite of less self-worth, doubt, uncertainty and feelings of not measuring up to standards.

For some people, the feelings of inferiority complex can become a motivating factor. They use it to push themselves to become better performing individuals. However, some become dominated by the feelings of inferiority complex that it cripples them.

Most times, people become so paralysed that they are extremely shy and have the feeling of overwhelming unworthiness. The negative effect is that, they tend to prevent themselves from failure by not trying at all. According to Anthony Trollope, “never think that you’re not good enough. People will take you very much at your own reckoning.”

Some symptoms of Inferiority Complex are:

  • You find it difficult to take constructive criticism.
  • You’re extremely sensitive towards other people’s opinion.
  • You want to be praised and flattered all the time.
  • You withdraw yourself socially.
  • You tend to compare yourself with others.
  • Social media affects you quite negatively.
  • You constantly cover your flaws.

Feelings of inferiority complex are so deeply rooted that it can prove impossible to rid yourself of it. This goes beyond not liking yourself. It is a belief that you are inferior and no one can convince you. However, is it possible to handle inferiority? Yes, it is. Nonetheless, it will take a lot of hard  from work you.

Take note of the following.

Deal With Your Past

You have to deal with your past and tackle difficult emotional memories. When you understand this part of you, it will help you find the root of your problem. Then, you begin to understand your feelings better.

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Be Kind to Yourself

You need to be kind to yourself. For a person like you, it might be difficult to practice self-compassion because you are always the first to think badly of yourself. But, you need to practice self-care not just to your mind but to your body and soul.

Surround Yourself With People Who Uplift You

Discard any toxic relationships even if it means separating yourself from your closest family members. In fact, inferiority complex can be linked to difficult parenting or challenging circumstances while growing up. So, you need people who think positively.

Be More Assertive

Don’t be afraid to try things because you fear failure. When you are afraid to fail, you might be missing out on the best opportunities. So, go out there and try!

Talk to Yourself Better

The way you mentally talk to yourself affects how you communicate outside of it. Imbibe that inner voice that encourages you as worthy. Be nice to yourself.

Finally, you need to embrace yourself. Try to be comfortable in your skin. Avoid comparing yourself and let go of unreasonable expectations. Don’t live the rest of your life feeling like this when you can become a better and happier person.

Also, don’t be afraid to reach out for help; it might seem like a bad step, but your mental health is essential.


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