When people go into relationships, they do so with expectations; things they hope, thing they presume their partners would do and not do.

For example, it is a no-brainer that anyone who enters a relationship expects not to be cheated on; hopes for loyalty from his or her partner and expects that everything the partner has his or her best interests.

Now that’s to give a quick overview of the logical things people expect of relationships. It goes without saying that if there are logical expectations, there’ll be illogical expectations, too.

Expectations which may be too much, too impossible to be met by your partner – or anyone for that matter.

For example, thinking that your partner is responsible for all the happiness you’ll ever experience in your life, or that your boyfriend needs to meet all your financial needs and demands, among others, may be a little too much.

There is such thing as expecting too much in a relationship. And that only leaves you open to the possibility of disappointment.

The question now is this: how does one manage expectations in a relationship?

Talk about it

No matter how clear, obvious or basic you think that expectation you have is, you really can’t blame your partner for not meeting it if you do ot tell them about it, if you do not communicate it in clear terms.

It may be a no-brainer but communicate it nonetheless. They may know about the general rule for example, but not to the extent you desire.

Take for example sex. Everyone knows that sexual satisfaction is expected by their partner, but how frequently do you like it to be?

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Having an explanation that’s not clearly stated will likely always cause unwanted friction in the relationship.

Focus on yourself

One other way to manage expectations is to do stuff for one’s self, and not to get too deep into the relationship to the point where one’s individuality is lost.

Expect much of yourself and meet those expectations. Put yourself in charge of your happiness, satisfaction and all things that make you human.

All other stuff your partner brings to the table should be extras. And hey guess who says no to more of good stuff.

No one!

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