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How to Make Your Man Scared of Losing You

As strange as it seems, today, we’ll be talking about how to make your man scared of losing you. Yes, it seems strange because why would you intentionally want to make anyone afraid? Isn’t that a negative emotion?

Well, to set things straight, the point of this article isn’t to get your man feeling constantly insecure. Nobody likes that and anyone that advises you to do that is setting you on the path to losing your man. Instead, what we’re trying to preach is how to make your man cherish you so much that he gets scared when he thinks about letting you go.

In case you didn’t catch on, I’m your friendly male adviser from ValourDigest. Without further ado, let’s dive right into the top five ways you can make your man scared of losing you.

Don’t Suffocate Him

We understand that you really love him and you want to be with him all the time. As such, you might want to call, text, and see him every single chance you get. Unfortunately, this might do more harm than good. Men like to be free. As soon as we start feeling like we’re constantly being watched, things might get a little uncomfortable. So, if you want to keep your man’s eyes trained on you, spend some time with yourself instead of constantly looking for your next meeting.

Pick a Day and Make Him Genuinely Happy

Traditionally, men have been painted out to be the spenders. As such, they usually have to be the one trying to make the woman happy. But, if you truly want your man scared of losing you, turn the tables. Now and then, pick a day for yourselves, cover the bills and let him have fun. Men don’t always get this treatment from women. Getting it from you will earn you a spot in his heart.

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Show That You Have Plans

Men are becoming more attracted to women who have their acts together. So, show your man that you do. In conversations, you can casually bring up your financial goals. Tell him how you’d love to raise your kids such that they’re fine and exceptional members of the society. Just be careful with the child topic. If you’re not yet married and your man isn’t on the same page, talking about kids might send the wrong message and scare him into thinking you want kids already.

Don’t Pressure Him

This applies to everything. Don’t put pressure on him to give you money. Don’t put pressure on him to introduce you to his parents. Don’t put pressure on him to propose to you. Don’t put pressure on him to have kids. You both have to be on the same page and if you coerce him into doing something he doesn’t want, you might lose him instead of making him scared to lose you.

Surprise Him

It could be by cooking his favorite meal or even sending handwritten notes. Just do something unusual to warm his heart.

Finally, making your man scared of losing you does not have to be manipulative like some preach. You can make him love you without necessarily being toxic and that’s what we’ve shown you here. As usual, you should head over to ValourDigest and to read on How to Make Your Woman Scared of Losing You.

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