If you are among the folk that are asking “what is nkwobi?” then we are glad to answer. It is an Igbo delicacy that is made with different kinds of meats.


Here are the ingredients that are used in making Nigerian nkwobi (for five to ten persons.)


2 kg Meat (chicken, wild meat, goat, cow tail, assorted meat)

2 cubes of knorr

Utazi leaves – a handfull

Edible potash (one teaspoon)

Palm oil (half cup) 125ml

Ugba – 1 cup

Onions – 2 slice

Salt and pepper to taste


The first step is cooking the meat until it is completely soft. Cut the meat into tiny bits before you cook.

This is necessary because nkwobi as well as Nigerian pepper soup is basically made with very soft meats, just so it is not hard to chew.



Slice the onions and utazi, then set aside on a plate, some people choose to add these two during the preparation process while others use them for decoration purposes. One way or another, Utazi and onions should be part of the ingredients used in preparing Nigerian Nkwobi.


You can boil the ugba in small amount of water for about 2 to 3 minutes, this technique is hygienic as it helps to eliminate every possible health threat.

Cook the meat until the stock is almost dry, check to see the level of water. This is necessary so you don’t end up with another kind of pepper soup, Stir the cooking meat in the pot to be sure that it doesn’t burn. Bring the meat out and leave to cool for about 10 mins.

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Dissolve the potash in about 150ml (half cup) of water and filter about half a cup into the pot with the stock.

Add about half a cup of palm oil into the pot, stir to obtain a thick yellow paste (ncha) and you are just few steps away from having a very delicious nkwobi, also add two spoons of ground crayfish, Ugba, knorr cubes, pepper and salt to taste, then stir very well before adding the meat.


Note: If the meat is too hot, it would dissolve the “ncha” and turn it redish. allow the meat to cool for 10 minutes before using.


Add the sliced onions and utazi but reserve a little of both for decoration. The utazi is very necessary because it adds a faint bitter taste which is an integral part of nkwobi and some other Nigerian foods.


Stir, turn out in a round plate and decorate with sliced onion, pepper and utazi. That is just how to make a delicious plate of the popular Nigerian Nkwobi.


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