Homemade ice cream tastes different and nice. You can make it with just few ingredients and no special equipment is needed. The best part of this method is how quickly it comes together in just 5 to 10 minutes.

You can make different flavours but vanilla is the king of ice cream flavours. The version without eggs has a brighter and more pronounced vanilla flavour.

Ingredients to Make Ice Cream (allrecipes.com)

¾ cup of white sugar

1 cup of heavy whipping cream

2 ¼ cups of milk

2 teaspoons of vanilla extract

How to Make Ice Cream

Step 1: Stir the sugar, cream and milk into a saucepan over low heat until the sugar has dissolved. Then, heat until mix is hot and a small ring of foam appears around the edge.

Step 2: Transfer the cream mixture to container such as large measuring cups. After that, stir in vanilla extract and chill mix thoroughly for at least 2 hours

Step 3: Pour the cold cream into an ice cream maker. Turn on the machine and churn according to manufacturer’s directions for about 20 to 25 minutes.

Step 4: When it is softly frozen, you can serve immediately. Also, you can place a piece of plastic wrap directly on the ice cream and place in the freezer for 2 to 3 hours.

In case you do not have an ice cream maker, you can make use of hand mixer to make the process easier. Make sure the cream is cold for maximum enjoyment. Try out this recipe. Trust me, you’d enjoy it.

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