How many times have you had a conversation with the opposite sex and you knew you wanted to see the person again? What happened is that your conversation partner got your attention. It is true that looks are appealing but it is the conversations you have that that keeps your partner going. Getting him to fall in love with your mind makes him stay longer.

Enjoy the conversation

There is a difference between having a conversation where you want to impress and simply having fun while exchanging information. You should do the latter. Having a forced conversation can make you uneasy and your conversation partner might just see through it and be unimpressed. Laugh, have fun and avoid subjects that might be too seriously such as the upcoming elections unless your companion’s body language says otherwise.


You have heard that women are attracted to men who joke. The underlying truth is that they enjoy someone who is fun, someone they can laugh with and joke about the little things. Make yourself fun to be with. Fun can appear in small boxes such as poetry, monopoly, horse-riding, adventures… make your life interesting and you will attract people. Have a common ground. Talk about what you both like.


Attention is one of the secrets to getting a partner to stay longer. Whether it is you getting the attention or your partner, attention is an attractive quality. While having any conversation, be on the listening side. Do not try to interrupt the person. Research has shown that a man spends about 17 seconds listening before he interrupts the conversation (some of us do not get to that). Train yourself to listen. Even when you have something to say, your companion will appreciate that you paid attention. Try asking questions instead. Ask the right and genuine questions. This way you will be able to know the likes, dislikes, motivation. Do not make it look rehearsed.

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Be yourself

The saying “first impression matters” is often times applied wrongly in the dating game. The first impression does not mean that you have to be fake. Understand that it is different from trying to look good but when you have to lie about who you are, change your accent or give false information; you do yourself more harm than good especially if he trusted you. No one likes to stay with someone who cannot be sincere with them.

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