The dry season is a period of low rainfall. Its hallmarks include scorching hot days and warm or hot nights which are characterised by dry and dusty air. It is understandable that you will need to find solace from the oppressive heat that reigns supreme during this time. So, here are some tips you can adopt to keep your house cool, in spite of the season.

  • Choose the right curtains: During this period, you should use fabric curtains or roller blinds. Don’t forget to get the ones that are made out of thin transparent cloth, which let in air more easily than heavy curtains. They are more suitable for rooms with low intensity of sunlight. If they are placed in rooms with a higher intensity of sunlight, they will easily let in the hot sun rays as well as they let in any existent breeze.
  • Avoid using fluorescent lights: Most times, these emit heat that can increase the temperature of the room. So, it is better to use led lamps which are energy efficient and thus, cooler.
  • Endeavour to do a routine change of your bed sheets. Doing this helps you to freshen up the room and enable better circulation of air. If you do not change your sheets, you will feel itchy and hot due to the previous body heat and sweat that may have accumulated on the sheets.
  • You could try to wet the floor. This is a simple way to cool down the house. Mopping the floor makes the house feel comfortable to step into. It is also necessary to eradicate dust.
  • Minimise the use of electronics. Electronics gadgets, such as laptops can emit heat when they are running. This contributes to a rise in the temperature of a room. So, try to reduce the use of electronics and turn off the light whenever you can. This will help to maintain cool ambience in your rooms, and of course, ensure that your electricity bills are not piling up with alacrity.
  • Let the night air in. Night times tend to be much cooler, so you can leave your windows open before sleeping. Remember, security should be your primary concern. Make sure you take the necessary precautions, such as installing grills or burglar alarms on your windows.
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These tips can help you to keep your house cool during the hot season if you decide to inculcate them into your dry season routine. Also, remember to keep your house clean and dust-free for this duration for the general well being of you and your family.

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