There is a lot of misconception when the issue of finance is raised. Finance is not based on the figures you earn from a job, neither is it tied to the proceeds from your business. Its value is not tagged to your monthly allowance as a student; or the monetary gifts from a Good Samaritan. Your finance is a reflection of your internal values; it is influenced by every decision you take.

There is a connection between your financial orientation and the cash you have. Therefore money is a representation of the value attributed to your personal value. That is, your value is in sync with your productivity, which is rewarded in cash or kind. In other words, every use of your gifts, wealth of knowledge and experiences is profitable.

Before now, I have always believed I did not have total control over my finances. This perception changed with information; ignorance they say is no excuse. I learnt my finance is not necessarily money earned, but my productivity gives me financial freedom ultimately. Then I realized what you learn influences what you earn. I trust you know that employers do not just pay their staff for services rendered; they equally pay for value added services.

How can you improve on your finances?

  1. Motives: “If you don’t know the value of a thing, abuse is inevitable”. So, if you don’t know why you ventured into a project, you cannot determine the success of the project. What drives you as a unique being? Your dream destination enhances your hunger to succeed and achieve purpose. There is a connection between your financial orientation and the cash you have. Your motive and passion will determine how much you would work at achieving your dreams.
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  1. Mindset: This is a set of beliefs or way of thinking that determines your outcome, behavior and attitude. Your mindset is important when it concerns your finances. It is the inner compact that determines your destination and dictates your experiences. The direction of your thought is the determinant of your outcome. Whatever you do consistently will yield results eventually. Gear your thoughts towards productive endeavors; use it as a creative tool.


  1. Methods: These are procedures, techniques or ways of doing something especially in accordance with a definite plan. It is a strategic ritual, an intentional routine. Your pattern defines your possibilities; your wealth is proven by applied routine. Your routine forms your habits, your habits influences your output; your habit is built by repetition.

This brings me to the real issue; ‘money’. Until you deal with your money making habits (your assets and liabilities), you cannot handle your finances. Money is not about how much you make, but about how much money you keep. You must take deliberate steps to gain financial freedom. Do not focus on spending money alone, plan towards acquiring assets too, assets appreciate while liabilities depreciate. Take advantage of every opportunity to increase your income, I mean, do not despise businesses that yields little profit.

Some money is better than no money; otherwise sweets should not be sold at such a cheap price (#5), if the returns are not favorable. Opportunities birth opportunities. Maximize any when you see it. Remember, whatever you do consistently will deliver results eventually! As I conclude, I would like to share some views about money that have influenced our lives one way or the other, ponder on them.

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Money Myths:

  • Money equals happiness: if it does, the elites should be the happiest people on earth. The question then is: are they?
  • It is very difficult to make money: nothing comes on a platter of gold, it is what you seek you find.
  • Money is the root of all evil: if that be the case, why do we all work or trade for it?
  • The amount of money you have is proportional to the amount of time you put into work: a bricklayer should earn much more than a banker.
  • The greatest blessing in life is to have a lot of money: money does not equate blessing in any way.

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