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How To Have A Beautiful Kitchen

Having a beautiful kitchen is every woman’s dream, though some do not give a hoot about it. Having a beautiful kitchen is a result of being creative. It is good to design your kitchen before starting to operate it or you may need to renovate your pretty old kitchen.


The kitchen is the hub of the home, the centre of all activities. For some it is not just the place where meals are prepared, it is also the place where meals are taken and guests are entertained. Therefore, it must be beautiful and presentable taking into consideration all the activities.

You can maximise small spaces in small kitchens by having a line of kitchen cabinets on the walls. This not only helps to make the kitchen compact, it also creates space for more storage and free movement.

You can create a theme colour for your kitchen this adds beauty and colour to it or you can decide to combine two matching colours.

You can contact an interior designer to create a lovely design otherwise there are plenty patterns or designs online that you can adapt to your taste.

The guiding principle is order, organisation and aesthetics. Most homes have a separate room or area as a dining room. You may however want to move from that trend to having both the dining table and kitchen in one place or having a kitchen table and still maintaining a dining room. Whichever way, it is your choice.

Avoid having too many items and gadgets in the kitchen as this makes it clumsy.

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You may want to locate the plate cupboard directly above the sink or place the dishwasher directly below plate cupboard for easy access after cleaning up.

Also, you may want to place the cooker in a place where there will be no wall cabinets above it to prevent risks and hazards of fire.

Find a suitable place for the fridge. This could be in the kitchen or in the dining area. If you decide to place it in the kitchen, ensure it is some distance away from the gas or electric cooker.

Ensure that the kitchen table is fixed at some distance away from the cooker.

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