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How to Handle an Argument with Your Man

I understand that it’s your relationship, and he’s your partner. It’s really not my business how you handle an argument with your man. But, I could provide some insights into the best way to calm down your significant other when he’s raging. After all, I am a man as well.

In case you are still wondering, I am from ValourDigest. The same male blogger who has been posting here for the last couple of weeks and it’s always a pleasure to get to talk to you. So, let’s get down to business. Remember that there is no secret formula on how to handle an argument with your man. As such, I’ll just be providing a couple of tips.

First, Remember that you’re not trying to “win.”

If you go into an argument with your man with the mentality of “I must win,” you might’ve messed up already. Arguments in relationships should not be about who is right or wrong. It should be a collective effort to improve the bond between you two. No one’s out to get you. Relax and stop trying to win. It is not a competition.

Second, Communicate Clearly.

If you’re going to settle a problem with your man, you cannot start sentences halfway and then tell him “never mind” every chance you get. He’s not a mind reader. Even if you’ve been married for fifty years, he’s still the same normal human he was before. He hasn’t evolved to be telepathic. So, if you want to be understood, make efforts at proper communication.

Third, Don’t be passive-aggressive.

It can be very frustrating when we, the men, are trying to reach out to you, but you keep dismissing the situation while keeping your anger clear and evident. Even if we were the ones who messed up, we still want to make it right.

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But, you frustrate that effort when you dismiss us every chance you get and then spend the whole day boiling silently. Trust me, there is nothing more frustrating and there is no man who enjoys dealing with a woman being angry but continuously denying it.

Fourth, Avoid Personal Jabs.

If you’re angry because he doesn’t often call, or he doesn’t help out with chores, focus on the matter at hand. You definitely don’t want to start throwing jabs at other inadequacies. You might not want me to mention it, but it is the worst idea to shame your man for unsatisfactory sexual performance when you’re angry with him. It almost never ends well. So, as I said, focus on the matter at hand.

Fifth, Let things cool off.

When human emotions are involved, there are limited options. You really cannot logically talk to someone who is incredibly angry. So, under the circumstances, just wait for him to cool off a little. Afterwards, you can try to make him see your point. By then, his anger wouldn’t be in the way.

Relationships are pretty delicate if you ask me. You can’t afford to put your ego first, especially in an argument. So, try to remember these tips when you want to handle an argument with your man. Also, and this is very important, don’t forget to read up on how to handle an argument with your woman by clicking here.


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