So, you have been dating this guy for years and you have tried all the tricks in the book to make him say those magic words every single woman longs to hear one day, “Will you marry me?” and it’s just not happening. You even came close to proposing to the guy only to have a case of nerves at the very last minute! Girl, it’s time to wise up.

Here are some tips that once worked for a wise woman in the Bible and dare I say, still works today. Not only did this smart single snap up the most eligible bachelor in town at the time (and a very wealthy one at that!), she earned herself a place in Biblical history. Let’s see what she did right…. 

She had a personal relationship with the God of Israel. She knew God one-on –one. Ladies, how much of your time do you spend getting acquainted with God? Do you know what He says about your health, your career, your marriage? Ruth, our role model was a Moabitess who came into a relationship with God through the godly lifestyle exemplified by her mother-in-law. Your decision to follow God might well be the most important decision of your life that will speed up all your heart desires to becoming a reality, including marriage. 

She was submissive to her mother-In-Law and was always ready to do her bidding. So the question is: how ready are you to obey the instructions of those who you regard as authorities in your life? Do you take their counsel, instructions and admonitions with a pinch of salt? Ruth obeyed Naomi to the latter and in the end was blessed for it.

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She made herself attractive enough to be noticed by the man she desired. Ladies are you dressing in a way and manner that you should be addressed or in provocative and scanty attires that pull in the wrong crowd? The man of your dreams would be smitten by the decency and modesty of your dressing as this makes you attractive to him.

Like Ruth, the woman that will get the man of her dreams must be humble and down to earth with no chips on her shoulder. She must be ready to come down from her high horse no matter how well-read, well-travelled, highly paid or good looking she is. Pride will cut short the dream of any woman who desires her Prince Charming, but is not ready to pay the price of humility, bringing herself under a man’s headship and leadership. 

Chastity is still a much respected and cherished virtue in womanhood and our role model was known to be virtuous. Ruth did not flirt with men. Men still respect women who keep themselves till their marriage, but even if you have lost yours, you can start afresh today and make a commitment never again to cheapen yourself. Set higher standards for yourself and you will reap the reward of a quality man who knows your value.

Have a good reputation. Do people around you know you for good or for evil? Do you have a troublesome personality that drives suitors away or a warm,  and endearing personality?

Finally, are you available? Are you available when the man of your dreams wants to spend time building a relationship with you? Are you available when he needs a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on in his trying times or you only come around when things are going well for him?

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Ladies, try putting these tips to work and I’m pretty confident you’ll be walking down the aisle in no time, God willing!

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