Waiting for a man to pop the big question can be pretty frustrating especially when the wait stretches into years. You begin to worry, sometimes your self esteem drops and you begin to ask if the man does not see you. Well I bet you he does!… you just have to make him see clearly. So how do you get a man to propose without your actions being too obvious or desperate? Here are great tips to pop that question right out of his mouth!

#Tip 1

Take a good look at him and make sure he’s the one you want to spend the rest of your life. Look beyond his physical appearance and strengths and ask your self if you are willing to deal with his weakness, habits or those annoying things he does. If yes, move on to step two.

#Tip 2

Make sure he is ready for a commitment. You could do this by stylishly asking his friends and family questions or dropping comments that will get them to reveal if your dream man is ready to propose anytime soon. Tip one and two are vital to ensure that you aren’t going to be pouring water into a basket.

#Tip 3

Drop hints without being overbearing. Some of the hints you can drop include having a friendly talk about what both of you expect when you get married, talking about his friends/family that are married and pointing out how well things turned out for them.

#Tip 4

 Please do not give him an ultimatum or  talk to him about marriage all the time because it would either drive him away or move your proposal date farther away.

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#Tip 5

Do not be allover him. This is one big mistake most ladies make. Men are creatures of variety so being around him all the time sure does not help.  Make yourself a little scarce and see how much absence makes his heart grow fonder.

#Tip 6

Get on your phone and make him a little jealous. Yes! talk about that other guy that is ready to settle down and has his eyes on you. Do this in a way that would make him know that he could loose you. However try not to rub it in or it might backfire.

 #Tip 7

Challenge him intellectually, socially, spiritually, financially and otherwise. After all the modern man does not want to propose to any lady who is a liability. A man wants a woman that can take charge when he is not around so why not groom yourself to be that woman.

#Tip 8

Achieve something. Now ask yourself what you have achieved that will make this man interested in marrying you. If you have achieved nothing you might lose him to an achiever.

#Tip 9

Be mysterious. Prove to the man that he does not know you as well as he thinks he does by displaying a new positive habit or character; this will definitely arouse his interest.

#Tip 10

Physical appearance plays a huge role. Once in a while look different or go out of your way to buy a really pretty dress. Nothing interests a man like “variety”… trust me

#Tip 11

Cooking remains the old fashioned way to a man’s heart so learn how to cook. It might sound cliche but food is really one of the expresses that leads to a man heart.

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#Tip 12

Encourage him. A woman that encourages her man is often priceless in his heart. So instead of comparing him with other guys, why not say “… I know you can!”

#Tip 13

Be patient. Some men won’t just yield no matter how much you try. Adopt patience in these situations and you would be grinning in no time.

#Tip 14

Be willing to let go. Its a hard thing to do but if you want to live the happily ever after life, you have to be willing to let him go if he is not interested. This should not break your heart because it’s a step closer to your prince charming.

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