Marriage is the union of two people, a man and a woman. Whenever any other person is allowed to meddle in the affairs of the marriage, they become third-party in that Samaritan. The same it is when any of the in-laws are allowed whether from the man or woman’s side.

It is often said that when you marry a man in Africa, you also marry their entire family. The question now is, how do you deal with enjoying a good relationship with those in-laws especially your mother-in-law which is the real in-law?

Here we look at how to enjoy your mother-in-law

  1. Have a good mindset

Mindset is everything and for you to have a cordial relationship with your mother-in-law, you need to either have a good mindset or change your mindset if it is a wrong one. Naturally, some people have over the year built a mindset of who a mother-in-law is; if you are like this, you need to change your mindset and give peace a chance.

  1. See her as your mother

You must see and treat your mother-in-law as your mother. Be positive about her. Do not do to your mother-in-law, what you will not do to your mother.

  1. Love her genuinely

Don’t fake love but let your love for your mother-in-law be genuine. If truly you love her son, then loving her shouldn’t be a problem for you. Don’t just say it but put it into action. Show her love through every means possible.

  1. Respond to her politely

As much as your mother-in-law is not part of your marriage, she is a very important part of your family and she deserves your respect. Put her into consideration whether she is living with you or not.

  1. Appreciate her good deeds
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Everybody wants to be appreciated so also does your mother-in-law. Whenever she does something good for you, your spouse or the family, appreciate her and make a very big deal out of it so that she will feel happy.

  1. Don’t abandon her

It is very important to visit, call and check on her. Don’t abandon your mother-in-law, even if your husband forgets, always remind him to put a call through to her and send something to her. Also, try visit as your schedule permits.

  1. Know how they do their things

Know how she does her thing. Firstly, be in your mother-in-law’s schools to learn about her so that you can have a cordial relationship with her. This you can do by watching her closely whenever you visit her so that when she comes to your place your priority will be to make her happy during her stay.

Remember, whatever you are doing to her now is a seed. It is better you sow a good seed so that when you are reaping your ‘good measure, pressed down shaking together and running over’ it will be a good one. A seed sown will definitely germinate into a great harvest. Therefore, sow wisely!

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