Just like manicure, a good pedicure makes your feet healthy and beautiful. You can do a professional pedicure all by yourself, with these simple steps.

Remove old polish

Using a cotton balls dabbed with polish remover, remove any old polish from your nails.

If it is difficult to remove the paint, press the dabbed cotton on the nail and leave to soak for a minute.

Alcohol and acetone-free polish remover are less drying but are less effective on lighter shades. It is therefore better to use them on lighter paint shades.
Soak Your Feet

Fill a big bowl with hot water (let the water be at a temperature that you are comfortable with). Add bath salts or oils into the water if you wish. Soak your feet in the water for about 10 minutes. The hot water will help soften any tough calluses and remove build up of any dirt and grime.

It will also help to soften your nails and cuticles, which is important when you’re prepping to paint your toes.

Cut & File Nails

Trim your toenails using a pair of nail clippers to cut short; short enough to see just a bit of white at the tips. The shape of the nail should be slightly squared, aligning with the natural line of your toes. Use a nail file to trim off any sharp edges. Avoid cutting your nails in a rounded shape, as this can promote ingrown toenails.

Take Care of Cuticles

Using an orange stick/cuticle stick, gently push back the cuticle around each nail. Then use cuticle trimmers to gently cut away the excess cuticle skin that has grown over time. Rub cuticle oil and moisturiser on the skin to supplement it.

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Scrub Your Feet

Use a pumice stone to scrub away dead skin and calluses on the heel and ball of your foot. Finish up with a scrubbing brush to clean up your entire foot. Use the brush between your toes and all over the bridge of your foot, adding soap for an extra clean. Remember to rinse off your feet with water after scrubbing.




Dry the feet thoroughly with a towel a rub in some moisturizer or foot. Massage the moisturizer into the feet and the calves. You can also rub in some cuticle oil into the cuticles.

Polish Toes

Apply a thin base coat. Start in the center of the nail near the cuticle, using light long brushstrokes towards the tip of each nail to fill in the color; one down the middle, then one on each side. Avoid painting the cuticle.

Wait a minute before adding 2 coats of your favorite polish, then finish with a thin top coat.  Using your finger nails an orange stick, wipe off any polish that mistakenly fell on your skin.

Leave the nails to dry for at least 40 minutes.

Finish Your Pedicure

After the nails have dried, you can spray them with some moisturizing oil. This helps to set your polish and moisturizes your cuticles.

Now you can go and show off your new polish!

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