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Everyone knows that an angry boss looks unprofessional. Unfortunately, your boss is still your boss. Creating a good relation with your boss is important. Your boss has the upper hand and can probably find a way to get you fired. With all that said, here are five tips to deal with an angry boss.

ü  Listen. Listening is hard, especially when your boss is yelling at you with the disapproving look. Most employees are tempted to retaliate and defend themselves, but a wiser choice would be to listen. Let your boss vent out some of that anger.

ü  Acknowledge. Let your boss know that you know he or she is angry. Describe their body language to your boss, such as clenched fist or a red face. This should alert your boss that he or she is acting unprofessional.

ü   Repeat. Tell your boss what he or she told you, showing that you were listening. Reiterate the main concerns without repeating negative words that your boss used.

ü  Apologize. If you did something wrong, own up to your mistakes and apologize. Even if you don’t see the mistake, apologize because it was clearly a mistake in your boss’ eyes. In the long run, it will slower your boss’ level of anger.

ü  Ask. Step up and ask your boss how you can make things better. If your boss responds by saying there is nothing you can do, suggest a couple of your own solutions to the problem. An angry boss usually can’t think of a good solution on the spot, so it is beneficial if you suggest some solutions of your own.

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These five tips should help you to deal with an angry boss. In the case that you are not successful, suggest that you continue the conversation at a better time when your boss calms down. Explain to him or her that it may be difficult to communicate when they are angry. If your boss is frequently angry and always treats you with disrespect, speak to someone in a higher position than your boss. It just may be that your boss needs professional counseling.


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