While you try to get along with majority of your co-workers, it is rare to enjoy everyone’s company. The workplace can be a cut-throat environment, with everyone trying to get ahead in some way. Well, some people are ready to do anything and everything to get ahead and win the spotlight especially to curry the boss’ favour. However, maintaining the decorum and treating your co-worker with the utmost respect has to take priority. So, here are few tips to dealing with a sneaky co-worker:

Identify Them

The first thing is to have the skills to identify the sneaky co-worker. It could be a tricky task, but be careful not to immediately assume that someone’s request for assistance is manipulation. Manipulative people find it easy to disguise themselves as your friend especially when they need something. So, pay attention to how consistently you are being asked for help by this person.

Separate Yourself From Them

After you have been able to identify and differentiate the manipulation from simply asking for help, don’t be afraid to say no to them. This is because they are only out to advance their own career. They do not care about other’s intentions and views. So, whenever they ask for your help, politely tell them that you are busy and you need to meet up with deadline. In fact, you can offer free advice on how they’d go about the task.

Maintain Professionalism

You don’t have to take things personally with a sneaky co-worker. Maintain professionalism when dealing with such people in the workplace. First, whatever issue you are having with the person, address it privately. If the behaviour continues, the next step is to report to your supervisor before it reaches the human resources department.

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Finally, a sneaky character is not one to work with. Don’t ignore the behaviour because it will get worse. Make sure you take action as soon as you are aware of the cunning behaviour before it costs you your job.

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