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How to Create More Harmony in Your Relationship

Harmony is the foundation for lasting relationships. If your relationship suffers from argument, anger, tension or disharmony, your first step should be to remove those negativities from the relationship. Harmony causes you to move forward in all aspects of life. So, here are few tips that will help you to create more peace and connection with yourself, your partner or your friend in a relationship.

Stop Complaining

Some are fully occupied with blaming and complaining against their partners either directly to them or to another person. When you complain about your partner’s defect, you both tend to give attention to that aspect of behaviour and personality. Whatever becomes the object of your attention is energised because, good things multiply when they are noticed. So do bad things.

Well, when you observe a behaviour that you are not comfortable with, it is okay to speak up about it but emphasising on it every day is the problem. Therefore, the best way to create harmony is to resist the urge to complain always.

Don’t Try to Change Your Partner

Instances where your partner changes for better as a result of your advice, you can observe that either they acquire another behaviour that is equally disturbing or they become more annoying than before. You don’t have to forcefully change your partner but you can make them see the reasons they need to change.

Note that, people do not change because we complain against them or ask them to. Even when they accept that you are right, the result is almost to make things worse or better. This depends on their personality.

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Don’t Try to Impose Your Will

Harmony cannot be achieved by demanding more of the other person. Problems occur when you want to dominate the other person, control the relationship or prove that you know more. However, submitting to your partner out of love, patience and understanding has the power to radically change your partner’s behaviour.

Finally, you should cultivate good manners. If you are able to behave courteously and thoughtfully to your partner even after marriage, your relationship will remain smooth, and harmonious for decades.

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