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How to Cook Eggs in Different Ways


Eggs are considered an efficient source of protein. It contains nearly every nutrient known to be essential to humans. Eggs are good for you and they are yummy. The ability to cook an egg is an essential skill for adulthood.

Here are various ways you can prepare eggs:

Fried eggs

Start off with really fresh egg, which will hold the best shape. Shape is important in frying a good egg because a lopsided one doesn’t taste good. Then heat up a non-stick skillet; but if you have a regular skillet, grease it with a small amount of cooking oil.  Note that it will add fat or calories.

Break it, one at a time into the skillet. Some prefer to break it into a sauce, then slip egg off into the skillet from the saucer. Once the eggs hit the skillet, reduce the heat to low. Cook it slowly until the whites set and the yolks begin to thicken.

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For sunny-side up eggs, you can stop here. But the ones cooked like this are not fully cooked. But for eggs over-medium, you’ll have to cook the other side by flipping it gently.

Scrambled eggs

First, break the eggs into a small bowl and use a fork or wire whisk to pre-blend the yolks and whites. Some choose to add milk to make creamy egg, while other add water or melted butter. You can add salt at this stage.

Then preheat the non-stick skillet or saucepan at medium heat. Pour the egg mixture in, turn the heat down a little more. The secret to a good scrambled eggs is low heat, if the eggs cook too fast, you’d get culinary equivalent of yellow packing peanuts.

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Then stir it with either a wooden fork or a spoon. Keep stirring until the eggs move from creamy state to solid. Serve immediately. Don’t leave it in the skillet till it dries up; don’t!

Hard-cooked Eggs

This is the easiest egg-cooking option. Place the egg in a saucepan and cover with cold water. After fifteen minutes or so, cool the egg down by first draining the hot water and running cold water over them. Crack and eat. You can use it to make egg salad.

Poached eggs

Here, you begin to enter the egg elite; a poached egg is becoming a lost art. Start with fresh, refrigerator-cooled Grade AA eggs, which best allow the whites to gather neatly around the yolk.

Fill a medium sized frying pan with a layer of water, two to three inches in ideal. Heat the pan to boiling; then reduce the heat as low as possible while keeping the water at a simmer. You can add a little vinegar and salt to the water at this point; it will help it retain shape.

Then break the egg into a saucer, dip the edge of the saucer into the water, sliding the egg out to cook. Let it cook until the white firm up. It takes about five minutes. Remove the egg with slotted spoon, drain the egg on a paper towel before serving.


For a two to three egg omelette, start by handling the eggs in a separate bowl with a tablespoon of water. You can use fork so as not over blend. Add a like grated cheese to the mix. Make sure to use the right sized pan well; six inches is ideal.

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Swirl a tablespoon of butter over the surface of the pan until it stops foaming. Then turn up the heat and pour in the egg mixture. Tilt and rock the pan so the eggs cover its entire surface.

Leave for five seconds, then push the cooked mixture to the centre with a spatula. Allow the uncooked part to flow back into its place at the bottom of the pan. Keep doing it until the omelette is slightly browned on the bottom.

You can add any other ingredients by spooning them across the centre of the omelet. Tilt the pan again with spatula, fold one-third of the omelet over the centre filling.

Moderate serving of eggs is nutritious, delicious and when cooked properly, is impressive.

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