Easter is one of my favorite holidays. Easter means so many good things- it offers so much hope. It occurs during Spring when flowers are blooming and everything and everyone is coming back to life. And one of my favorite things about it is that it can be a very low maintenance holiday that is still very meaningful. Maybe you are deeply in debt like us. Or maybe you simply want to keep the focus of Easter on its true meaning. Maybe you are looking for ways to live your life more intentionally. No matter what your goal is, you can celebrate Easter on a budget. Here’s how.

Eat Easter brunch instead of Easter dinner.

Breakfast is exactly one million times cheaper than dinner. For example, one loaf of french bread costs $0.98 at our local market. I recently purchased a dozen eggs for $0.99. Add a few toppings like syrup and powdered sugar, and you have delicious french toast for brunch for less than $5. Contrast that with a roast beef dinner where you would likely spend well above $10 on the roast beef alone!

Set a budget.

Probably the most obvious step to celebrating Easter on a budget is to first, create a budget. For us, our goal was to spend less than $10 on M’s Easter basket and less than $10 on our Easter brunch. Obviously you can be more or less frugal with your budget depending on your circumstances. But for us, the goal is to stay under $20 for the whole day. We’ll accomplish this by doing brunch instead of dinner as listed above. Brunch will consist of scrambled eggs and french toast plus yummy toppings. M is getting exactly one book, some animal crackers (we’ll hide in his eggs. He rarely gets animal crackers so that is a treat to him!) and a few art supplies from the Dollar Store. Not bad. We’ll also likely splurge on some Cadbury Mini Eggs… because they’re Cadbury eggs. I’m salivating. P.S. Fun fact, did you know Americans actually spend more money on candy during Easter than Halloween? Don’t be a sucker. Set a goal to spend less on your Easter goodies this year.

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Shop sales.

A good way to celebrate Easter on a budget is to make sure you are shopping sales. You can find most Easter goods on sale a couple of weeks before Easter, including fresh (aka not candy) eggs! We’re lucky to live by an Aldi where we score cheap eggs, but I’ve also had good luck finding cheap eggs around Easter at Walgreens. Eggs are a score at Easter,obviously, because you can dye them and then hide them for an Easter egg hunt, so keep your eyes peeled for discounts in the coming weeks. In addition, almost all Easter candy goes on sale a couple of weeks before Easter, even at mass stores like Walmart and Target, so be on the look out!

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