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How to Beat Boredom as a Stay-at-Home Mum

Every time someone makes a comment about stay-at-home mums or working mums, others pounce to start a debate on what kind of mums are superior. One group talks about how completely being there for the child is more important and the other group argues how women can and need to have it all. Working or not working is a personal choice and it is best not to judge one group or the other.

Beyond the comparison debate, there are advantages and disadvantages to both choices. One of the biggest problem of this constant and never-ending debate is that neither of the groups finds it easy to come forward with problems they face, lest anyone thinks they made the wrong choice.

Being with a baby can get quite stressful. It can be draining and exhausting and you could be in tears by the time the clock strikes 2 p.m. If you are a stay-at-home, despite running the house, taking care of the family and wearing multiple hats, there might be instances of boredom that you feel. There is absolutely no shame in that – you are doing the same set of mundane yet very important tasks day after day. Anyone would feel extremely bored in such situations, especially once the children and spouse leave for school and office respectively, or you are left taking care of a toddler on your own.

If this is your situation as a stay-at-home mum, here are some tips to handle the occasional boredom that you feel:

  1. Make a list: Taking care of an infant can be challenging to say the least, with changing, feeding, napping and repeat. Make a list of hobbies and activities you loved before your baby. It could be something as fancy as painting or as simple as walking. Whatever they are, make a list. Put this up on the fridge. It makes you feel there are so many meaningful things you can do to beat the boredom
  2. Reach out: Most of us live in apartment complexes and residential areas. Surely, you will have friends who are in the same boat as you nearby. Reach out to them and make some plans – even if it is just some ladies time out. You can even plan to take the kids to a park or play area for a play date. Let the children play while you have some chat time with your pals
  3. Work out: The best time to start your journey to fitness is today! If you find yourself free every day at the same time, then consider going to a gym or do exercises at home or even dance it out with Zumba videos available online. It will make you fit, help you manage your health and it will also make you happy!
  4. DIY projects: If time permits and you have some free time when you are alone or your kiddo is taking a nap, indulge in some DIY activity. Check out Pinterest and you will find countless do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, for your home, for your garden, for your kitchen and even for your kids. Find few that interest you and start a project today!
  5. Keep entertainment handy: Are you sometimes stuck in the bed after your child falls asleep and you do not want to get up to do anything? Keep some books and magazines handy near your bed that you can reach out to after your baby sleeps.
  6. Learn a skill: So you wanted to learn swimming but could not find time since ages? What about now? Many mommies try learning something they have already wanted to learn to beat boredom. It could be something like driving, something creative as baking or stitching, or something talent-related such as learning a new musical instrument or a form of dance.
  7. Plan: Even if you find an interesting activity to keep yourself busy with, doing it day after day can make it boring too! So plan ahead. Schedule your week in advance. Are you going out with friends on Monday? Then have some stay-home-and-read time on Tuesday. Do the DIY project on Wednesday. Cook/bake something fancy on Thursday. Get a nap on Friday. Basically, plan your week so that the activity you pick up to beat your boredom does not become mundane to you!
  8. Share your experience: As we said in the beginning, there is no shame in admitting the occasional boredom while you are at home. There are countless online communities and social media forums where mums come together to discuss challenges and share best practices. Be a part of such societies where you can contribute meaningfully
  9. Talk to your spouse: Just as you do need some conversation, your husband needs it to. Talk with him rather than just snapping out of the room saying that it is his turn to bond with the baby now! Share your concerns, disappointments, frustrations, challenges and triumphs with him – and do not forget to ask him his experiences.
  10. Be organised: Yes, being a stay-at-home mom could mean everyone thinks you are available every time. Do not fall into this trap! Chalk out routines for everyone, and work according to them. Do not be available at all times to finish chores – schedule things to be done. The benefit of routines is that everyone knows what to expect next – and the chaos is eased
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The bottom line is this. If you put your mind to it, there are many things that will rescue you from boredom. And with careful planning you can ensure you use your time productively in a way that makes you happy! All the best!

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