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How to be a Super-Mom

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Motherhood is a full time job!

There is so much to being a mom that some women often experience fear when it comes to motherhood. While those fears are not baseless, it is safe to say that most of those women end up being great moms, super-moms as a matter of fact.

Without making fathers feel left out, because we know that mothers are not solely responsible for raising kids, we have to agree that mothers do have a huge responsibility to their children when it comes to nurturing and nourishing them. So, what is it exactly that a mother does to make her qualify as a super-mom? Let’s find out;

They Give: Motherhood is all about giving, which could sometimes be sacrificial. You give love, care, attention, time, discipline and correction. Create time to spend with your children, never be too busy for them; don’t be caught in the city-life syndrome. They have a short time to be with you; make sure you spend quality time with them.

Set good examples: Children learn more by example; they do what you do and say what you say. Set a good example for them in conduct, character, spirituality, relationship with others etc. Honour and respect your husband before them and they would emulate same. Don’t be the type that slights her husband or argues with him in the presence of the kids. Issues between you and your husband should be trashed out in private.

Set a good example for them in career excellence, financial prudence, home management, personal organisation. When they see you live out these things it would be easy for them to grow up into it. If you are a successful person in your career or profession, your kids would aspire to also become successful. Many kids are inspired by the profession of their parents in choosing their own career paths; before you know it there is a generation of doctors, lawyers, accountants, IT professionals, etc in the family.

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They are  vast: I remember as kids we considered our parents repertoires of knowledge; I would ask my Dad many questions, including definition of words. As a parent your knowledge should be broad so that you can give at least a little insight about any topic that your kids may raise. This does not mean that you have to be a geek but it does mean that you have some basic idea about fields of human endeavor.

Know How to use Social Media. Be interested in social media; the world today has evolved from what most parents grew up in. The world of most kids, particularly teens, revolves around social media; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.; it’s all about clicking, tweeting, liking, uploading, downloading etc. on smart devices. Instead of hammering and hacking down on them for spending so much time on Facebook and other social media, get to know what they are all about; so that you can come down to their level and understand what they are doing and so that you can put effective measures in place to curb them where applicable. For example, if you don’t know how to use a smart phone you may not know how to disable apps from their devices or even block access to some sites on your ISP.

They encourage independence: There is bonding between mother and child while they are growing up. However, as they grow older and learn to do things on their own they tend to become more independent. They don’t want Mom to accompany them to school or to the salon or Dad to take them to the barbers. Respect this, particularly if they are teenagers or fast approaching that age. And if you’ve done your job well, you would see the right results, they would make the right decisions. Trust them to make the right choices; after all that is what you have spent over 10 years doing; training them to make right choices.

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They avoid nagging: This never works particularly for teenagers; they would begin to see you as a bore. State your points and instructions clearly and firmly with repercussions or disciplinary measures in place in case of breach or disobedience. When this is in place, they would respect this more rather than you shouting and screaming at them.

They pray. As a mother you must be prayerful. Commit your children and teens and whatever age they are into God’s hands in the place of prayer. Angels would keep watch over them in their crèche while you are not there, the Spirit of God would keep them on the right path in life and prevent them from derailing. The counsel of God would keep them as adults making them to make right decisions and choices.

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