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How to Arrange Bedroom Furniture

Hey ladies, your bedroom speaks volume about you. You need to arrange it structurally. Perhaps, it is the most important room in your house. It is a place where you sleep which is why it is should be a relaxing environment.

I understand that, we have that imaginative design and structure fixed for our room; the colour, the wardrobe, the chairs, the makeup stand among other furniture. Well, you want to arrange the bedroom in a very practical manner so you can move around the space as you go through your daily routine.

Understanding that it is very easy to create a beautiful room if we follow some tactical steps is essential. Therefore, here are few tips to help you arrange your bedroom furniture.

First, understand the layout of your room.

The factors you need to consider before you arrange the furniture are the size of the room, the wall size and how the windows are placed.

So, you can measure the wall with a tape, take note of the walls which have windows and know where you’d place the cable inputs especially for television. Also, you should know the walls that are interrupted by doors and windows.

Second, measure the furniture

You need to decide which pieces of furniture you would like in your bedroom. Therefore, compare their measurement to the dimensions of your bedroom. This will help you to determine if the furniture will fit in the room.

Third, start with your bed

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom which makes it the most important for you to arrange. The popular placement of the bed is in the centre of the wall across from the door or along the longest wall in the bedroom.

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It is not advisable that you place your bed close to the window. However, try not to block the natural light with the headboard.

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Fourth, place the dresser in a very comfortable place

For ladies especially, the dresser is the second largest of furniture in a bedroom. You can place it directly across the bed to balance out the room. If you have a lot of wall space, you can opt for a low, wide dresser. Also, you can place your television on top of your dresser.

Lastly, other things to consider are:

  • Place your night stands strategically because they help to hold the remotes, alarm clocks, lamps, books, cell phones and anything else.
  • Determine if you have room for additional furniture.
  • Use lamps in different areas of the room and create space around your furniture.

Most importantly, do not have your room cluttered. You have to be true to your personal style. Some people like modern, minimalist designs while others like a fuller layout. Some people like plain wall while others like it decorated with pictures. The bedroom is your space and you want to arrange it so it is functional but, you want to have it reflect your personality, tastes and comforts.

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