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How Self-Awareness Boosts Self Confidence

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How Self-Awareness Boosts Self Confidence

If you go back to our post on the components of emotional intelligence, you’d realise the importance of self-awareness. But, what makes self-awareness so important especially in your daily endeavours?

It is necessary to know that all other core skills depend heavily on a person being self-aware. If you don’t know yourself then, it will be hard to really know who others are beneath the surface. So, in order to build significant relationship with everyone around you, you need to be willing to know yourself.

Self-awareness helps to understand your internal preferences, resources and intuitions. It is developing the ability to monitor your inner world. This goes beyond getting information about yourself from colleagues, family and friends, it is about acknowledging you.

For you to trust in your ability to reach a goal (self-confidence), you need to practice self-awareness because it is a key element. So, you become more aware of where you are strong and where you are weak.

Being clearer about where you are strong helps to boosts confidence because it helps you to focus more energy on doing what you are good at. Also, clarity about your weakness helps you to surround yourself with people who are strong where you are weak.

Confidence comes from achieving desired outcomes. When you achieve your goals or win in any competition, you become more confident of yourself that you can do better. So, self-awareness gives you the power to see where we need to grow. It opens your eye to seeing more of your natural strengths and abilities so you can maximise your chances of performing the best of your ability.

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While trying to know yourself, you do not need to compare yourself. This is a recipe for disaster and it can affect your confidence. Also, while trying to be aware of who you really are, you only need to be good enough for you. Therefore, you need to make your own standard and set goals that are right for you in order help your confidence.

To cultivate the habit of being self-aware, you need to create space and time, practise mindfulness, journal your awareness and practice listening.

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