People love to spend time with friends and family which sometimes means having house guests. The rules for being a good host are just so simple: be flexible and supply lots of food, but not too much alcohol. While being a good guest can be tricky, you need to note the following tips.

You need not leave a bad impression if you want to be invited over and over again. So, here are the dos and don’ts for you as a guest.

  • Avoiding taking things that are not yours. Why would you do that? I mean, don’t try it!
  • Don’t just go to the toilet without asking for the visitor’s toilet. Over familiarity causes issues.
  • Do not expect to be waited on hand and foot. Ask for permission to do stuff.
  • No one wants to be insulted in their home. So, keep quiet even if you are not impressed.
  • Don’t be embarrassed about your bodily functions. Ask for sanitary towels if you need to.
  • Clean up after eating. Don’t be the dirty guest. So, ask for the trash can.
  • Don’t ask for weird things. In other words, avoid stressing your host.
  • Taking over the kitchen might seem like a good thing, but don’t try it.
  • Respect the fact that you are not in your home. Don’t be too comfortable.
  • Caution your children. Make sure they don’t scatter the house while playing.
  • Please, don’t overstay your welcome.

As a guest, you must understand that the host has shown the generosity of their time and resources by inviting you, preparing their home for your visit and entertaining you. Therefore, you need to reciprocate the kindness by being the good guest and obviously not the terrible one.

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No one would want to host a bad guest. Caution yourself and always remember that, it is not your home!

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