How Do I Get and Keep My Job?


Since I graduated in 2007, I have not been able to get and keep a good job. I attend interviews all the time, but never get shortlisted. I have read so many interview tips, still I never get selected. What can I do to increase my chances? [Anne, Abuja]

It’s a good thing that you have identified a problem and are seeking a solution. Permit me to say everything begins from the mind, that is your thought process.

What do you think about yourself in the context of securing a good job, adding value to others and yourself? Do you revel in your weakness and so-called inadequacies or do you fan aflame your strengths and maintain a firm belief that you will land a good job pretty soon? In the interim, what are you doing to create value or solve problems in your immediate environment?

Secondly, you could volunteer to work for free in an organization you like. While you maintain diligence and excellence at it, the company may just choose to employ you because of the value you have brought to them or while at an interview somewhere, the fact that you offered to voluntarily work at an organization which will be clearly stated in your CV, maybe the reason why you would be employed because the interviewers will perceive you as a proactive and value-adding person.

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