Ideas into a sustainable business

Transforming Your Idea Into a Sustainable Business

If you are an idea person, you’d likely come up with great ideas for sustainable businesses. You understand the kind that solves a problem that exists in the world or that you think will fill a need that is currently going unmet. Most times, you get these ideas in the...
You Are Not late! You Are not Early

You Are Not Late! You Are Not Early

Life is about waiting for the right moment to react. Therefore, this is a reminder that, you should never allow the pressure of life get to you.

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Leadership begins with self

Leadership Begins with YOU!-Juliet Ehimuan Chiazor

Leadership is about making what seems impossible, possible. Therefore, if you want to be a leader, you need to change your perception of what reality is.

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cheerful giver

Becoming a Cheerful Giver

Giving is a way to be joyous because, the more you give, the more joy you should have. So tell me, what is your excuse for not giving?

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why worry about the future

Why Worrying About the Future?

Worrying has nothing on you. Whenever you find yourself worrying about the future, remember you are not alone (we all do it). Just create awareness around what the worry is costing you. Then you’d be fine.

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The gift of people

Be Thankful for the Gift of People

Being thankful is a mood lifter. It is a yardstick to ascertain the kind of people who should be around you. It promotes meaningful relationships build on sincere support.

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