Hillary Clinton is the first woman to win a presidential ticket from a major political party; the Democratic party in the US. The former secretary of state and wife of former president Bill Clinton made the history after she gave her acceptance speech at the well-attended DNC Convention in Philadelphia.


In one of the most striking speeches of her political career, Clinton dispensed with the sober diplo-speak that has characterized her previous national security addresses and unleashes a series of attacks on her Republican opponent, Donald Trump. Democrats at the convention held on Thursday said that Mrs Clinton would be a strong and effective Commander in Chief, while Donald Trump would most decidedly not be.


In her acceptance speech as the nominee for presidency by the Democratic Party, she said:


“We heard the man from Hope, Bill Clinton; and the man of Hope, Barack Obama. America is stronger because of President Obama’s leadership, and I’m better because of his friendship.


“We heard from our terrific vice president, the one-and-only Joe Biden. He spoke from his big heart about our party’s commitment to working people, as only he can do.


“First Lady Michelle Obama reminded us that our children are watching, and the president we elect is going to be their president, too.


“And for those of you out there who are just getting to know Tim Kaine – you’re soon going to understand why the people of Virginia keep promoting him: from city council and mayor, to Governor, and now Senator.  He’ll make the whole country proud as our Vice President.

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Also, in one of the many energetic speeches of Clinton, she inspired females in the world saying that if she is the first female president then all girls can dream on.

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