Perhaps, you have this friend who has been so heartbroken and upset, because her lover left her, and although you don’t really understand her pain, you want to help her. Below are ways you can help:

Empathize with her: Everyone loves people who get them, and understand how they are feeling. As her friend, try to imagine or research about what she is going through, and when you have an idea of it, try to empathize with her, and let her know you understand.

Listen to her: She might want to talk about her feelings or experiences with you, and although you might have heard them before, still listen to her. She is just trying to deal with the pain, and you listening to her and trying to console her, would make her feel so much better.

Don’t remind her: Even when you feel she has  moved on, because she seems much better, don’t be the one to mention the name of her lover and remind her of him again; just let her enjoy the moment she is happy in. Reminding her or mentioning the name of the person she is trying to forget could make her relapse—sad all over again and make it even harder for her to move on.

Never make fun of her: Even when it seems ages have gone by, and you feel she must have moved on, don’t make fun of her because she might not have healed totally. And you making fun of her would only embarrass her, and make her feel hurt all over again.

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Be the fun friend: And on the days when she is sad and even when she is not, be there to have fun with her. Make her life a little easier and happier with your company and friendship, and although you might never know, you would have helped ease her pain in a great way.

This is Nifemi and those are few tips you can use to help a friend in need which would in turn make you a friend indeed!

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