A few weeks after I got married, my husband lost his job and I became the breadwinner of the family. That was ten years ago. Now, he has a great job, and I don’t work anymore. Each time I have to ask for money I dread it because it’s one complaint after another. Should I just go back to work to save myself from having to ask for money again? (Jane, Okota)


I’m glad you ended with a question that only you can answer. The truth is that the answer lies within you. You’ve got to ask yourself ‘what do I really want?’ Is it to just have money to get by or to fulfil purpose which ultimately not only brings wealth alongside but most importantly brings fulfilment and a sense of satisfaction. You are responsible for that answer because you are the captain of your destiny. But, I’ll encourage you to get a job or start a business. Being financially empowered is important for you as a woman. If not for anything, it boosts your esteem as a person and empowers you to contribute not only to your upkeep, but also to the society at large. Even your husband will accord you regard for your financial stability. You won’t be viewed as a liability, but as an asset.

After you’ve come up with your answer, proceed to have a discussion with your husband. Don’t forget to include the family in your plans. You may consider working not too far from home no matter how little the pay may be. Going out of the house, meeting people, doing stuff, has a way of broadening your scope to a myriad of opportunities you may not have considered when you seated at home. Whatever you arrive at, kindly ensure it resonates with your core values. Strive to outdo yourself. Have a plan and write out your goals. Work towards achieving them. Never underestimate yourself because of your current financial status; you are worth more than your account balance. Life is always in phases and growth is a gradual process. Ensure you are in God’s will for your life per time and as much as you can, give value because it will always come back to you. Lose your fears and achieve your dreams. Never see yourself as a liability because you are not. You are an immeasurable asset, so go and be all you were created to be.

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